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/*************************************************************** * * * * * Auschwitz 3D - Room 7 * * ----------------------------------- * * Author: Łukasz Wyporek * * for Markus company * * July 2013 * * * * WWW: * * Contact: * * * * Project based on WebGL, HTML5 and CSS3 (3D) * * with jQuery and ThreeJS library support. * * * * Memorial for all these people who died * * in Auschwitz-Birkenau and Oświęcim death camps. * * * ***************************************************************/

..:: SERVICE MODE ::..

In service mode you can easly way get coordinates of images on the wall (if you have to add any new in the future). If you have small amount of images to mount, just use WSAD-= keys to move the `Sphere Indicator` in 3D axis. Actual coordinates will be printed in Browser console. Save them manually in the paper (yes!) or use Notepad.exe. Next, enter them to the database (current login and password is in config.php file, you can use http://localhost/phpmyadmin tool).

If you have a lot of images which you must enter to the database, you can use another mechanism, which is quicker. To do this easly way, you must (unluckily) edit array named 'plytki' in index.php source code, and set array elements to identificators of new images (which you are planning to enter to the database). For example, you are planning to enter G162, H234, B123 images, so you must set that array to: plytki = ['G162','H234','B123']; . Next, you can operate WSAD=- keys to set coordinates of G162 image. If you'll finish, press [SPACE BAR] - the coordinates of G162 (first array element) will be saved in database. Now, you can do the same with second image (H234). If you enter all of these images, the coordinates will be shown in the main window and you be able to copy them to the clipboard and enter to the database.

Keyboard shortcuts:
    W - Increase Y coordinate of sphere indicator
    S - Decrease Y coordinate of sphere indicator
    A - Increase X coordinate of sphere indicator
    D - Decrease X coordinate of sphere indicator
    - - Increase Z coordinate of sphere indicator
    = - Decrease Z coordinate of sphere indicator
    [space] - Save coordinates of sphere to the array
    Y - Increase Y coordinate of camera (observer)
    H - Decrease Y coordinate of camera (observer)
Everything important is logged in browser's console (CTRL+SHIFT+I or CTRL+SHIFT+K).
To get author information, enter 'author' in search window and press 'search'.